Good morning Adonis!

It’s October, time for autumn leaves, pumpkins and Halloween.

COVID-19 and the Flu have not gone away. There are 3 people (2 in Texas Recon, 1 in Kansas) who were quarantined at home in September and are recovering. We have a very low incidence of COVID-19 at work and we thank everyone for keeping the workplace safe and healthy.

We ask that everyone help prevent COVID-19 transmission at work by following these guidelines: these rules also help prevent the Flu.

  1. Wear your face mask every day.

2. Maintain 6 feet social distance from one another.

3. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds.

4. Use the disinfecting kits to clean common surfaces, especially the fridge, microwave and kitchen counters.

5. Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves & Wipes have been provided in all work areas & break rooms.

6. Work desks and break room tables have been moved apart from one another to maintain social distancing.

7. If you are sick, please STAY HOME. Let HR know when you test positive or negative for COVID-19. HR is tracking all test results.

You spend 40 hours a week at Adonis, please do your part to keep the workplace safe and healthy for everyone. Together we can keep Adonis open and available to our customers and employees.

Thank you and be safe!

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