Workplace Safety at Adonis

Employee & Contractor Responsibilities

I am aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and I am aware of my state’s current mandated orders, and guidelines for workplaces, and I agree to follow these guidelines, and any other orders set by my workplace, including but not limited to: frequent hand washing, social distancing (6 feet), and the use of protective masks during my working hours, while away from my designated work area.
I am aware the company is running a safety protocol to reduce the risk of infection, and spread of COVID-19.

The company is providing antibacterial agents near the doors, and corridors.

Disinfection kits, facemasks, and latex gloves are also available and serve as reminders to me daily, to comply with the safety protocols as mentioned in the first paragraph and encourage my fellow co-workers to do the same.
I am aware the company is cleaning bathrooms, breakrooms, entrances, door handles, and corridors frequently.
I am aware that non-compliance with these protocols could increase my risk of infection and promote the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

I understand the consequences I face if infected, including serious damage to my health, and those around me I may spread it to, including possible death.
I am aware of the state of my health, and I understand the risks of infection with this virus and the consequences it could have for me, my co-workers, my family, and others, and by not complying with the protocols I assume full responsibility.  

I am aware that I should keep my immediate supervisor and the HR Department advised of any COVID-19 test results, positive or negative.

I am aware that I have a responsibility for my own health and that of my co-workers, vendors and customers at Adonis and that I promise to follow all safety protocols as they are published.

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