Service Contract


The Adonis Vehicle Service Contract

Most people don’t believe us when we tell them about our optional Vehicle Service Contract. That’s how good it is. And no matter what brand of car you buy, a Service Contract is important. It can help your dollar go further when it comes to maintaining your car over the years. You probably already know it makes the best fiscal sense to buy and keep a car as long as possible. Making sure you have a good Service Contract guarantees your car will keep rolling long past the amount you paid.

Buying and Keeping a Car for a Long Time

Some say a car isn’t a very good investment. But that’s if you buy a car that doesn’t have a good Service Contract to last you through the years. If you buy a car with Adonis, we’ll make sure your Service Contract keeps the value of your car long after you’ve finished paying for it. If you buy with an Adonis, you have the option of getting a 2-year / 24,000-mile Service Contract that comes with 4 FREE oil changes per year, a total of 8 FREE oil changes for your car.

Pay Less Up Front

Another way to get the most bang out of your buck is to pay on the car over time in your contract, as opposed to making a large down payment. A large amount down puts you out of more money now. Instead, buy a car with Adonis and pay only $489 down. With our competitors, you could pay a whopping $2,000 down or more out of pocket! Why not take that money and save it for future car payments or better yet, a nice vacation?

Get a Loaner Car When You Need It

With any used car, you may to take it back to the dealer for a tune-up or more. With our optional Vehicle Service Contract, you get a loaner car to drive as long as your car is in the shop. All you pay is the Service Contract $100 deductible for covered repairs. To get the same level of service with our competitors, you’ll have to get premium insurance coverage. If you’ve ever been out of a car during lengthy repairs, you know just how important this is. (As with all dealers, the number of loaner cars is limited.)

The Best Vehicle Service Contract Around

That’s why Adonis is the best place to buy your used car. You’ll have the option of getting a Vehicle Service Contract with coverage for 2 years / 24,000-mile (whichever comes first). You’ll get 4 FREE oil changes per year for 2 years. You only pay $489 down. You get a loaner car with only a small deductible. And you get the peace of mind that having a Service Contract brings to road trips, long vacations, or just a joy ride. Buy your used car at Adonis today.


  • 2 Year / 24,000 mile service contract

  • Get a loaner when you need it

  • 4 free oil changes per year

  • Super low deductible

  • Protect your investment

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